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Welcome to the most enduring world of Dunhil Products. We have established ourselves in the year 1973. We are a company involved in manufacturing & supplying of Transformer Tank, Transformer Accessories, Hydroturbine and Generator Components.

We always try to achieve our goal of supplying the best quality products. Since our inception, we have created a brand image of our company. Furthermore, we promise to give maximum satisfaction to all of our esteemed clients. The products supplied by us are capable of changing the trends of the industrial market. We have hardworking professionals who are sincere in completing their duties.

We are Manufacturers of Abrasion Resistant Products, Transformer Tanks, Power Packs ,Basalt Liners, Corrosion Resistant Products.  We are in the manufacturing of ceramic lined elbows and cones also. We have manufacturing Vessels and pipelines with abrasion resistant linings. These linings are  very hard, have very  low sliding friction and can tolerate  very  high temperatures. In power plants, they find applications in - Coal bunker, Pulverized coal piping - Sinter-ash bunker,  Fly-ash piping - Ash silo - Fly-dust piping - Sinter handling bunker, collection bunker - Flue-gas channels - Scraper conveyor We are in a position to offer  specialized materials  for the  specific application.  the range includes cast Basalt,hardceramics, alumina ceramics, Zirconia ceramics and silicon carbide  ceramics. - Air and Oil Filters and Dryers :- Thermo-syphon system is regularly used on transformers to maintain and improve upon the quality of oil while the transformer is in service. The system has its unique advantages, some of them being Control of moisture and reduction of acidity in oil, improvement of BDV and longer life of Transformer Oil. - Draft, Tubes, Turbines Cones and parts for Hydro Turbines :- We are in the manufacturing of Stainless steel discharge cones, draft tubes and draft elbows. These products demand very high quality of welding and dimensional accuracy. - Oil Storage 50 KL :- We manufacture a large variety of components for hydro and thermal turbines and generators. These portable tanks are required at substations for transportation and storage of oil during filtration. - Transformer Tanks, Accessories and pipe works of various capacities :- We manufacture the exclusive range of transformer tanks starting from 600 KVA to 400 MVA. Our range covers the design manufacture and matching of all the associated components like Conservators, headers and all pipe work. - Inert lines vessels of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel lined with Rubber or FRP :- We manufacture reaction vessels, which are of use in every food-processing chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. They can be lined with fiberglass - FRP, glass or rubber. - Land shaping and ore handling machinery :- We manufacture land-shaping and ore-handling machinery. Reclamation of worn out components is done with most advanced techniques and is quite economical.