Company Profile

Dunhil Products was established in 1973 by a technicaly qualified and experienced engineer with production of small fabricated items for transformer and switchgear items.The unit swiftly got engaged in large scale fabrication for corporate houses like BHEL, NTPC, NPC etc.

We create specialised fabrication items for :

  • Powerplants (thermal & Hydro) 
  • Electrical Machines(Large & Medium Motors) 
  • Transformers and Accessories upto 315 MVA 
  • Turbines and Generators 
  • Gates (Hydro Turbine Project) etc.

We are approved by 3rd party's Agencies like : N.P.C., N.T.P.C., FUJI, Power Grid, IBR, Hitachi, Melco, Toshiba etc. & are conversant with various standards, IS BS ASME ETC. & are maintaining High Quality & NDT requirements.

We have executed orders through BHEL for : 


N.P.C : L.P. Cylinder (R.A.P.P.) transformer Tank (BARC)

HITACHI : D.T. Liner, Pier, Nose, SS D.T. Cone (Sardar Sarovar Pump Turbine)

TOSHIBA : Startor Frame (Sardar Sarovar Generator Turbine)

FUJI : Tail Race Pipe & Startor Frame, Pit Liner (Ghatghar) Stator Frame (Teesta)

IBR : H.P. Heater Shell (IOCL) Barauni, H.P. Heater Shell (Kothagodam), water box assy. (Kothagodam, Raichur, Gandhi Nagar, Khaperkheda, Panipat, Anapara

MELCO : Stator Frame 13 Mtr. Dia 50 MT. (Srisailam)

LLOYD'S : D.T. Gate (NJPC) R.E. Joint (Khaperkheda)

All these jobs have been found to have met quality conditions of internationally renowned agencies.  We are capable of manufacturing 1000 MT. worth of fabricated assembles in a year. 

We have :

  • 120000 Sqft. Total area 
  • 65000 Sqft. under crane 
  • Crane - 40 Ton Capacity
  • Crane - 20 Ton Capacity
  • 3 x 9 Sq Mtr. Bed plate area
  • H.T Connection � 100 Kva

Quality Specifications :
The division has the capability to manufacture transformers Tanks upto 400 MVA . All the plant operations are certified under the ISO 9001:2000

Dunhil Products incorporates the latest technology, superior raw materials and state-of-art manufacturing facilities to build transformer tanks of superior quality and with high degree of reliability.

We are an ancillary unit to M/S BHEL, Bhopal one of the largest Electrical company in India, supplying the above cited items to their entire satisfaction. Ours in an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. 

We are presently supplying Transformer Tanks from 600 KVA to 400 MVA with accessories , stator frames ,lower brackets, upper brackets , Top covers , D.T Elbow liners , RE Joint, DT Cones,CT Top Chamber , CVT Tanks , Pivot Rings ,Power Packs,Master Skid for Power Packs ,Pipe Assemblies ,Water Box,Water Chambers etc

We have our own sand blasting & shot blasting facilities supported by a dedicated team of qualified Engineers and skilled workers to cater the specific needs of customers with respect to their size and specifications. We assure you for best quality products at competitive rates with time bond deliveries.

Dunhil Products, an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified pioneer fabrication company  and is primarily engaged in manufacturing & supplying of Bus Ducts, Switchgear Panerls, Transformer Tanks, Part of Hydro & Steam Turbines, Components of Railway coaches & S.S. Cooling Rings.

We have expertise in doing all kind of specialized Aluminium, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel fabrication jobs. We have been doing X ray quality welding since many years, as per different specifications like ASME, IBR, GDCD - 198 and our products are type tested as per their nature of application. We have in-house facilities for NDT, Vacuum, Pressure and Hydraulic testing.

Our motto is to always keep pace with the time & we always evoke customer delight through constant review & monitoring of all our jobs done.