Facilities available for Manufacturing
Material handling Facilities 50 Tons Single Piece
Plate & Rolling 32 x 2500 mm
Bending & Rolling 50 mm (We have arrangements with a party in Industrial Area for Bending & Rolling of our requirements)
Sand Blasting /Short Blasting We have our own sand blasting & shot blasting plant
Hydraulic testing We have tested so far 100 kg/cm2 and testing facilities are available with us.
Air Testing Facilities We are testing Transformers Tanks, Conservators and headers and we have compressors etc. for testing.
Vaccum Testing Being carried out for Transformer Tanks, and we have vaccum Pump.
D/P MCD, Radiography We use the service of our Associate Co. M/s. Radtech who are approved by BHEL, NTPC, EIL, having Qualified Personnels.
Welding Facilities Qualified Welders to carry out Grade I,II & III Welds. M/cs, available are CO2 Generator Rectifiers & Transformers.
Painting Facilities We have experienced specialized persons engaged in Brush and spray paintings.
Bed Plate 3 x 9 Sq. Mtr. are available, 2 x 4 Sq. Mtr. are available.