We follow approved QA plan of BHEL:-

-       All our welders are qualified and, we are enclosing the sample of WPS &

         QPR of 3 welders.

-        We maintain welders Record.

-        We maintains all written quality control instruction prepared and records are maintained as per QA plan.

-        We also maintain for each P.O. record. 

-        Material Record

-        Fit up Record.

-        NDT Record

-        Test Certificate (Wherever applicable)

-        Final Inspection Record.

-        Sand Blasting & Painting Record. 

-        WE maintained calibration record.

-        We review Quarterly performance for, record review, to ensure desired.

-        Quality is maintained and corrective action wherever needed are taken.


We have

-        Quality assurance system established

-        Independent QC personal functioning

-        All our measuring instruments are controlled well.

-        Caliberation of Gauges, tools etc dome and record maintained.

-        We maintain all material records, in process inspection and final inspection


-        NDT Records.

-        Painting Records.


We have reinforced our long term relation with our clients due to the consistent efforts of our workforce. Based on the hard work and intensiveness of our team members towards their work, we have reserved a position of great repute for ourselves in our country. We have a team of technicians, casting experts, mechanical and technical engineers and metallurgical experts who work in unification to provide best quality fabrication products & services to our clients.
Our quality auditors maintain a strict approach in inspecting the quality of our products so that only flawless products leave our premises. We owe the innovativeness and consistent improvisation of our manufacturing processes improves products. Our term is complete with personnel handling sales, purchase, marketing, administration, packaging and other activitie